Sunday, July 12, 2020


Hi Darleen.
We continue to get lots accomplished here in Karen’s yard.  I pruned all the low branches along one fence line which were mostly cedars.  Then Karen’s son Colin brought over a pruning saw as well as his chainsaw and we heavily pruned a maple blocking light to the garden and an elm growing too close to the house.  We ended up with a very large pile of branches which we loaded into a trailer this morning.  I got in the trailer and kept tamping the pile down and strategically placing the debris to maximize the load and we got it all in to the one load!  Karen’s contractor had delivered a load of mulch Friday afternoon and left the trailer over the weekend.
We continue to find other little projects that Karen has had in mind so we’re not getting bored too badly.  The deer continue to be a challenge.  Karen goes to the plant store and buys plants that deer don’t bother, we plant them and next morning we see how badly the deer have desecrated them.  Some mornings it is pretty ugly.  The large pile of maple and elm branches provided a buffet feast for the deer and they will be sad that we have hauled it away.
Yesterday, Aileen and I travelled up to Salmon Arm to retrieve our RZR from Kevin’s garage.  I’m sure he was glad to see it go.   My friend Ernie from Nanaimo is visiting in Summerland this week and going on a ride with friends and invited me to join them.  I thought that would be a great way to explore some new country and perhaps make some new contacts, too.
It seems we may be staying put here for a while yet.  It doesn’t seem wise to be moving around too much with all the stuff happening.  We have a small circle here we are comfortable with and want to keep it that way.  We may take the motorhome and head a couple hours east to get closer to some geocaching though.  There is a series of geocaches near West Kelowna that sound like they should only be accessed by ATV so we hope to check them out shortly.

Inside a black hollyhock

Waterlily in Karen's pond

Daisy under the sprinkler

Beautiful clematis flower we noticed one afternoon.  The deer ate it overnight.

A bit of detail in Penticton Creek

Took this photo of a Flicker out the motor home window

Laughing deer

Aileen had a birthday 

More of Karen's flowers

Karen in her yard

Karen in her garden

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