Saturday, June 6, 2020


We drove up to Salmon Arm last Sunday and had a short visit with our daughter Bev.  First time we’ve seen her since last October.  She was headed back to northern Alberta Monday morning to go back to work.   It was nice to actually visit in person although we kept our distance.
On Wednesday, we took lunch and supper and finished the big cache trail we were working on up in the high country, gathering up 80 caches for the day.  We were pretty pooped when we got home after our 228 km loop, much of it on rough logging roads.
We are keeping busy here doing many little projects and some not so little.  The days are just whizzing by so I guess we aren’t too bored.   We walk up Penticton Creek most evenings and once a week or so drive just out of town and walk along the Kettle Valley Railway trail.  We seldom meet anyone but the highway noise is quite intrusive even though the highway is well below us.  Last night on our 8 km walk, we saw one regular bicycle and three electric ones.  No other walkers.

This semi wild stallion (I thnk they are owned by members of the local reservation) came charging down the trail toward us one evening.  He had been whinnying loudly in the distance and then after stopping here for a brief time went racing back up the trail.  A bit further he drove a mare and two foals across the trail behind us, charging downhill full speed.  It was quite exciting to watch!

A Western Tanager

As we were driving home from Salmon Arm the other day, we spotted this Phlox near Armstrong.

Mountain Goat

These six Mountain goats were right along the main highway about twenty minutes north of Penticton.  It is a busy four lane section of highway with no pull offs so I went back a ways and along a frontage road.  Then I scrambled up the steep bank and took my photos from directly across the highway from them.

They are pretty scruffy right now peeling off their winter coat

As we were leaving the goats, this Marmot was one of three sunnning themselves on the cement railing.

Whitetail doe spotted while geocaching

This Chipmunk was also spotted while geocaching.  One of the nice benefits of geocaching is the opportunity for photography.

The Golden Waterfall.  Penticton Creek flowing over the dam which is our turnaround spot when we walk up the creek.  The colour is from the tannin in the water with the sun shining on it.

Cedar Waxwing

Karen's yllow rose after the rain

Prickly Pear Cactus blooming in a yard we walk by

Wild Strawberry and Indian Paintbrush up in the high country while geocaching

Long-leaf Fleabane

Scarlet Gilia

Brown-eyed Susan

Brown-eyed Susan

Wild Peavine

Three young Squirrels rough horsing on our walk up the creek

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