Saturday, January 18, 2020


We moved over near Bouse on Wednesday.  The drive was about 368 kms (230 miles) which took us most of the day.  Aileen drove the car while I towed the General on the trailer.  We are set up in the same spot we had last year and so far just as quiet. 
We drove into Quartzsite yesterday to visit Jacquie and Jim.  There are doing well and enjoying being here instead of home in waist deep snow.  Between -35C where Bev is and 12 inches of snow in Victoria at Richard’s and multi feet in Salmon Arm, our home base, this AZ weather is pretty darn nice.
We plan on taking it pretty easy for most of our time here with some trips out on the desert trails in the Polaris and a few road trips in the car.  Some geocaching will also be done.

Along the Martinez Mine Rd

Along the Martinez Mine Rd at the gate

Along the Martinez Mine Rd beyond the gate

Martinez corral

Lunch at the corral

The view from above

A pond across the Colorado River from Parker, AZ

Wild burros across the river from Parker

Colorado River above Parker, AZ from the California side.  For my sibs and cousins, this area is where Mac and Nancy wintered for several years.  They were in their trailer.

The buildings are all on the Arizona side in my photos as we are on the California side of the river.  The California side has mostly trailer parks.

Sunset last night

Back at the Martinez gate, looks like they buried this guy with his boots on

Cattle above Box Canyon on our ride Monday


  1. Great Pictures as always with the scenery and burros.
    You are definitely making us jealous as we didn't get to the southwest this year.
    It's presently White with Six Inches of fresh Snow with temperatures at 3 F (-16 C).
    Be Safe in your explorations and Enjoy the weather.

    It's about time.