Friday, September 20, 2019


Busy days!   We spent six nights in Salmon Arm and boy did the time fly.  We caught up some business and visited several friends but missed others due to time constraints.  I didn't take any photos the whole time due to rain or walking in the late evening.  We did some more organizing in the motor home which led to more stuff going into storage.  That poor storage shed is going to explode one day!
Finished or not, we left Salmon Arm on Thursday and moved down to friend Karen's in Penticton.  Aileen will be staying here in the motor home while I go to Spokane for a week to attend the Photographic Society of America's annual photo convention.  I haven't been for several years so not likely to know many, if any attendees.  I have signed up for photo tours Sunday and Monday and am looking forward to the many feature presentations during the rest of the week.  I need to decide whether or not to make the effort to attend next September in Colorado Springs.  I went to one there several years ago.  If I decide to go to Colorado we need to be counting our days and perhaps returning to Canada a bit earlier in March to ensure we don't exceed our allowable days in the US.

Okanagan Grapes

Okanagan Apples

Penticton Creek on our walk this evening

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