Tuesday, June 18, 2019


We had another successful rally although we only had eight rigs attend.  Lots of good food and fun and games.  Four of us played cards every night until very late and all four of us won on a different night.  On the fifth night, Keith was the winner, the only double winner. 
We moved down to my cousin Neil and Carol's near Duncan on Saturday from the rally.  We'll be looking after their place while they are away on vacation.  This is back very close to where I grew up so lots of memories around this area.   We have the use of the laundry and shower but otherwise remain in the motor home, the best of both worlds.
We have several things to keep us busy while we're here including trips to Victoria to visit family and friends.  Tonight we're off to play cards with friends from the RV club who live nearby.
My main laptop had to go in the shop again yesterday.  Last Friday evening when I went to use it, I got the dreaded "No Log" screen.  It seemed to be the same issue I had a few months ago when I had to get a mobile repair guy from Mesa to come out and fix it.  When I took it to my guy in Nanaimo yesterday, I said I can diagnose it for you but you have to fix it.  Since they were the ones who sold it to me, there was no charge and an apology for the inconvenience.  When they installed my SSD, they didn't use a screw with a large enough head so the hard drive came unplugged.  It was the same thing this time but he said it won't happen again.

White Crowned Sparrow

Great Blue Heron with appy

One of many wild rabbits at Rathtrevor Park

I believe this is a Spotted Owl, taken at Rathtrevor Park in the late evening

Taken with the Canon SX60 hand held at 1/10 second at 1600 ISO.  He was close enough that if I had my large camera with the 100-400 I could have taken a much sharper photo since it can shoot much better in low light.

Oxeye Daisies

Female Hooded Merganser

Mom and ducklings

Nymph Falls where I took the rally attendees one morning


Down on the beach at Seal Bay Nature Park

This Bald Headed Eagle was waiting for us down at the beach

Squirrel in Heron Woods, Duncan, BC

Cooley's Hedge Nettle

Himalayan Blackberries

Can you see the frog's eye?  

Mom and ducklings at Diver Lake, Nanaimo, BC

Stoney Hill Regional Park east of Duncan, BC looking south east to Victoria and the Olympic Peninsula

Overlooking Sansum Narrows

I think this is a type of Wild Onion

Sansum Narrows and Maple Bay

Arbutus trees

Doe and fawn along Genoa Bay Rd

Sun dog over Mt Prevost on our drive home last night


  1. That is what you call having the best of both worlds. All the water you need and the comforts of Home in an environment that you are familiar with.
    Even with the smaller camera the Spotted Owl came out clearly.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the location.

    It's about time.