Saturday, March 10, 2018


Our time is getting pretty short for this neck of the woods.  We will probably be heading north within the next couple of weeks. The desert is nearly barren of flowers so far because of the extended drought and cool weather.  I doubt there will be many flowers blooming in the time we have left. 
Aileen's legs continue to misbehave so she isn't enjoying her time here as it is so hard to get out and about.  We have played a few games of cards and we do drive her down to the pool every night in the car.  Being in the pool does help.  We are lucky to have a friend who will come and take Mitzy to the dog run midday so I can continue to lead ATV rides.

I climbed up above the road through Box Canyon

Lichen covered rocks in Box Canyon

I got very close to some Desert Bighorn Sheep last Monday

Gambel's Quail out behind our park

Little cactus blooming in Florence Gardens

Closer and closer

A good stand of Saguaro cactus on a south slope

Out in our riding area

Box Canyon

Cute little cactus in Florence Gardens

Looking up the Gila River valley alongside South Butte

My Friday group taking a break

Copper Basin Railway trestle over the Gila River 

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