Thursday, August 24, 2017


Life continues to flow along for us on the north Island.  Some geocaching, firewood cutting, some trail building on a friend's property and community suppers every night.  We came into town this morning to do laundry and took the opportunity to post this blog.  I gassed up the car and that was a bit on the pricey side.  Gas went up to $1.369 per liter today so for you Americans, multiply that by 3.785 to get the Canadian dollar cost per US gallon.
It rained in the night but we woke to a nice sunny morning with 10C (50F) temperature.  That's our coolest temperature in a while.   By midmorning, it was showering again.  We've had drizzles several times lately which I'm sure the rest of the province would love to have experienced with all the fires that are burning.

Quatsino Narrows in the center and Varney Bay on the left

Old fir tree on Varney Bay

The mouth of San Josef River

San Josef Bay

San Josef sea stacks

San Josef trail

Big old Western Red Cedar San Josef Bay trail

San Josef Bay trail

JR with large Spruce in a campground near San Josef Bay

JR with a large Western Red Cedar stump at Holberg, BC

Bald Eagle taken from the roof of a friend's motor home, I'm sitting in a chair he passed up to me.

Another eagle across the river but taken from the ground

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