Friday, June 16, 2017


We helped with the Toastmaster's garden party at Chas and Sheila's last Sunday.  Monday we moved down to Chemainus and spent the week with our Escapees RV club friends at our annual Spring Rally.  Four days of fun and games.  I got to play cards every night until late and Aileen got to spend some time at the evening fire.  The weather was not bad except for yesterday morning when we had lots of rain.  In the afternoon, a bunch of us went to the Chemainus Theater presentation of Rock Legends, a live musical show that was outstanding.  We went to a cafe for supper afterwards.  
We heard that one of my younger cousins passed away this week.  Rodney had been plagued with health issues for many years.  He is the first of my generation, Pop Pickard's 33 grandchildren, to make it to maturity and pass on.  The oldest is 80 and the youngest are late 40's.  I am fifth oldest.
We moved up to Bill's, south of Campbell River, today.  Tomorrow my brother in law John R and I are joining a large group of ATV riders on a super long ride.  Tomorrow we ride from Campbell River to Gold River which is 170-200 kms.  On Sunday,we ride from Gold River to Tahsis and back then return to Campbell River on Monday.  I don't know how long the Tahsis ride will be.  It should be an interesting experience.

Looking up in the maples

Momma Kildeer taken from the tractor seat

Killdeer eggs taken from the tractor seat

Mrs Eagle chewing out Mr Eagle

Oops, now we're getting the cold shoulder!

A pond lily


An Iris in the rain

A tricky geocache hide.  If you look closely, you can see the wire under the branch stub that you use to pullout the tiny container after removing the branch.  Of course, you have to replace it as found.

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