Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Life continues at a fast pace here.  Aileen just spent four days in Victoria staying with her cousin's wife while the daughter had a break to go visit her husband who is working away.   Aileen said she and Irene had a good time visiting.
I did a day of geocaching and wandering around.  I have spent quite a few hours pressure washing the patios and walkways here at Charlie and Sheila's spiffing the place up for a Toastmaster's party that is happening this coming Sunday.   I have been working on many other little projects as well so not getting bored by any means.
The planning for our 50th anniversary and family reunion for October are progressing with the invitations sent out recently and the replies starting to come in.  Our RV club Spring rally in Chemainus is next week and we've done a bit for that.  Being treasurer, the books had to be brought up to date and the financial statement completed.  

Down at the local boat harbour last night

We took three machines out on Saturday.  This trail needed a bit of work to get the big Honda through

On the way back I got hung up on a big stump and had to use my winch to get off.  I have spun right cross ways in the trail.

There are a pair of Bald Eagles nesting in a big cottonwood tree on the neighbour's property next door to Charlie and Sheila's.  This one is on guard duty. 

The dugout not far from where the motor home is parked

Clouds reflected in the dugout

More dugout reflections

Nile Creek.  I was out geocaching and was sitting on the bank having my lunch watching the sunlit leaves reflecting in the shady creek.  Handheld with my Canon SX50.

Seagulls at French Creek Marina

The big Sea Lion is still hanging out at the marina

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