Sunday, March 12, 2017


Yes, we are again down to just five days left in Caliente.  We are moving down to Tucson on Saturday morning to attend the Escapees Escapade RV Rally.  We will likely stay until the 24th when the rally ends then begin our trek north to the border.  My current projection has us taking eight days to get across the border but of course that could change depending on weather and projected weather events.
From being a cool damp winter, it has changed dramatically in the past few days and the forecast shows temperatures in the 90s F for the next while.  It is a good thing we selected a site with electricity in Tucson so Aileen can have the air conditioner on.
We have no idea what to expect at the rally since this is our first time attending.  My understanding is there will be lots of informative workshops one can attend.  I volunteered to represent our Vancouver Island Chapter with a display so we'll see how that goes.

The Ocotillo are finally blooming

Ocotillo grow on these long spindly whips.  They change rapidly depending on rainfall.  They will leaf out soon after rains.  If it turns dry, they will shed their leaves and go back dormant until more rain.  This can happen several times over the course of the year.

A group of my neighbours joined me on a ride to what we call Top of the World on Friday.  I remembered to take my tripod along so we could get a group photo.  All but one of these couples live on our block and the others are friends of one.

The poppies are giving us a good show this year

Poppies and Wild Heliotrope

This is a Swainson's Hawk, one of nine hawks we saw on Friday.  The rest were Red-tails

Another poppy covered hillside

Zooming in

We watched this Red-tail Hawk having his lunch of some little furry creature.  Possibly a rabbit or a rock squirrel.

A hillside covered with Wild Heliotrope

A female Gilded Flicker out behind the park spotted while walking with Mitzy yesterday morning

We visited with our friends Dave and Sandi last evening.  Their old Basset Maggie, and Aileen have a special bond.

Sadly, Maggie has cancer and has been given only a short time so this would be our last visit with her.

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