Sunday, January 22, 2017


We have been having a wetter than normal winter which is good as they didn't get their summer rains this year.  Our temperatures mostly can't get out of the 50's F if they even make it there.  The desert is really greening up and if we could get some sunshine, there might even be flowers.
We're hoping it is going to clear up after tomorrow's forecast rain as we are heading to Yuma on Wednesday and I'd like to take short term visitors from Alberta, Cliff and Patty, on one last trip on Tuesday.  They leave at the end of the month so we won't see them again once we leave.  
We hope to stay in the same park in Yuma as our friends from Duncan, Keith and Sue.  We met them through the Escapees Vancouver Island chapter and I took over the Chapter treasurer's job from Sue.
We will probably spend three nights in Yuma then head up to Quartzsite Saturday.  I hope to make it to the yearly bloggerfest held Saturday afternoon.  I attended the first one two years ago but missed last year.  It is rather neat meeting face to face with people whose blogs you read online.  There can be some surprises there!  
We will have a different visit to Quartzsite this time as Jacquie and Jim, who we always have spent time with there, have had some motor home issues come up and have cancelled their travel plans.  I do have a few of the Florence area ATVers coming over to ride for three days again so I will have to scout some trails as soon as I get set up.

Last Thursday I rode with the main club group as there was no dust.  There were about sixteen of us and it was pretty cool.  After lunch it rained on us for a while so I quickly stopped and donned my rain gear.

We went up a wash I had never been in and had to turn back after a while as it got too narrow.   I was impressed by how green the moss has become with all our rain.

The fire was appreciated

Just before we left our lunch spot, I noticed these dew drops in a low spot in the rocks

I think this is an immature House Sparrow in a nest in a saguaro cactus

This is a Northern Mockingbird on a Saguaro

Thanks Lisa W for catching my mistaken name

There were several small herds of beef critters along the Florence Kelvin Hwy today

My own little cattle drive

This is a Harris's Antelope Squirrel.  He posed very nicely for me.

The Florence Kelvin Hwy at about mile 22.5

Same as above

I think those are the Pinal Mtns with some of the Ray Mine visible at the bottom

A handsome pair

They don't normally install culverts or bridges on the secondary roads down here.  The water is free to flood across the roads.  In many such spots you take your life in your hands attempting to cross when it is flooding.

A more distant view of the Pinal Mtns from closer to Florence

South Butte from Whitlow Ranch Rd off the Florence Kelvin Hwy

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