Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Yes, we're getting immersed in AZ again.  Aileen put on a fancy spread for my birthday on Friday.  I've been riding three times and tonight we had our first monthly ATV club potluck.  We've been cleaning and organizing and planning all manner of things.  I managed to find a near new used bike just down the street to replace my bike that was stolen in Clifton.  I had looked at the same bike earlier in Kmart Casa Grande for $155 and this one was $50.  Lucky find!
A classic desert shot in our riding area.  Saguaro cactus. mesquite, palo verde, brittlebush and cholla

Afternoon light on South Butte

North Butte

The mountains north of the Buttes

The Thumb and Bignose

The sun came out while it was still raining the other day

And just as it quit raining

June, myself and Hiro all have a birthday on November 4 so we celebrate todgether

This is a tiny Fishhook Barrel Cactus

This is a mature Fishhook Barrel Cactus and it is armed and ready to defend itself

The start of Box Canyon is just to the left of the shadow

The Thumb and Bignose

Looking across to our Top of the World trails

We had a nice small group out today

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