Sunday, November 13, 2016


In the absence of the regular leader, I lead the main group of ATVers on Thursday.  We lucked out and saw the hawk up close and two Bighorn ewes that appeared highly pregnant.
Today, my sweet wife drove the CRV while I picked up 97 geocaches along the Florence Kelvin Hwy.  We were both pooped after that and I don't see how some people are claiming to get the whole 300 in one day; they must be tougher than me as well as a lot faster.
I had a room booked in Wickenburg to go riding with a group from here.  We were staying overnight Tuesday and Wednesday with the main ride on Wednesday and a shorter ride Thursday but it got cancelled this evening because the guy who was to lead us put his back out.  Fortunately, my reservation was free cancellation and I was able to do it quickly online.

A crested saguaro seen on our ride the other day.  These mutations are quite rare.

Coming off the Little Spine

Red Tail Hawk

Martinez Mine Road

Bighorn ewe in Box Canyon

Out of season Saguaro bloom

Mitzy and I on our walk this morning

These neat windswept clouds were taken out along the Florence Kelvin Hwy this morning

These two photos are of the little community of Ray, AZ and the huge Ray Mine

The Copper Basin Railway in action

Ray Mine

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