Sunday, October 11, 2015


Another day of travel covering 357 kms (223 miles).  Even on Sunday, Salt Lake City and area is very busy.  Just like the last time we drove through there six years ago, there was lots of road work being done and the temporary lanes were higgly squiggly with lots of wandering back and forth and lots of traffic.
We turned off I-15 onto #6 which was somewhat quieter but lots of hills.  There was a rest stop at Tie Fork that had lots of train history and a replica of an old steam locomotive that was quite well done.
They had a imitation turntable and a water tower as well.  There were lots of displays showing what could be done for recreation in Utah and lots about the ATV riding areas.
Tomorrow should see us in Grand Junction, CO after about a three hour drive.

When I went to step out with Mitzy this morning I spotted this sunrise

Hidden in the trees beside our campsite was this old Dodge

And a tractor

Looks like the old Dodge could use a bit of work!
The above photos are from my Canon SX50, the next two are from my Canon 6D

We went for a drive after supper looking for some nice lighting on the hills but I couldn't find a road to take us there.  These two shots were taken between Price and Wellington, Utah.