Friday, October 2, 2015


After that gorgeous blue sky image in my last post, this is the view at the wharf the next day
The fog gives a nice touch to this fall scene

This was this morning in the Japanese Garden in Nakusp, a small town on the shores of Lower Arrow Lake in south central BC 

These Canada Geese are not sitting in the air but on the calm lake water

Here are the geese along with a houseboat coming in to the local marina

Nakusp has a beautiful walkway along the waterfront

While Aileen and I were out geocaching today we saw this beautiful immature Bald Eagle perched in a Hemlock tree alongside Mosquito Creek

On our way to Nakusp yesterday we stopped at Ione Falls, one of my favourite spots

Back in 1976, before we moved off Vancouver Island, Nakusp was one of the places we subscribed to the local paper  getting a feel for the area before making a decision about where to actually move to.  It is still a nice little town with many activities that have appeal.  There is lots of opportunity for ATVing, four wheel driving, hiking, hot springs and lots of great scenery.  The major downside is the distance to any large population centers for medical and shopping.  To the north, there is a free ferry and about 200 kms to Salmon Arm.  The biggest problem with the ferry is the sheer number of people using it in the summer months as this is a very popular tourist destination.  Going the other direction entails another very long drive down to Nelson or Castlegar.   We spent two nights in the municipal campground right in town which was great as it was very quiet but close to everything and lots of walking available.  For those not familiar with the Arrow Lakes, they are the dammed up Columbia River in BC before it enters Washington State.
Tomorrow we will move on probably over to Lemon Creek Lodge and Campground just south of Slocan Lake.  This is in the next north/south valley to the east of here and puts us more into the West Kootenay.  Slocan Lake and River flow into the Kootenay River that then joins the Columbia River at Castlegar.  There are some geocaches along an old railway grade that I can do on my bike.  Lemon Creek Campground was super quiet last time we were there in September 2013.