Tuesday, September 1, 2015


On Saturday we had some strong winds with the rain.  This is looking west just outside our gate on Grafton Ave, Errinbgton

This is the view looking east on Grafton

The rain has given new life to the last flowers in the garden

Framed Rose

Momma cow getting up close and personal

We had a free day on Friday so we drove up to Cumberland and took our friend Perry into Courtenay for fish and chips for lunch.  Perry's son Matthew was our son Richard's best friend in elementary school back in he 1970's when we lived in Turtle Valley near Chase, BC.  We used to visit back and forth as a family back in those days so it is nice to keep in touch.
On Saturday, Aileen and I visited with a couple I met geocaching down near Quartzsite, AZ last winter.  While I was caching, I noticed a name in the logs that I recognized from caching on Vancouver Island and eventually I caught up to them and we chatted.  When we found that they lived close to where we spend part of our summer, Marg invited us to come visit them at their home.  It took most of the summer for it to work out and we had a nice visit.  I was invited back on Sunday as Malcolm wanted to share some maps that would be of value to me when geocaching and RVing.
We had a great supper here in the house with Charlie and Sheila tonight.  Our friend Bev D brought some nice strip loin steaks that I grilled.  We had lots of veggies out of the garden here and a chocolate zucchini cake for dessert that Aileen made.
We're still having showers but the weather is supposed to improve toward the end of the week.  I'm hoping for dry roads for our move up to Campbell River on Friday.

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