Monday, January 19, 2015


Don't forget to click on an image to enlarge it for better viewing.  We are back at Caliente probably for the duration of our winter stay.  I haven't gotten out riding yet as there were many things requiring our attention and today is a US holiday which means the trails are way too busy with city riders.  Metro Phoenix has such a large population base that even just a few of them spilling out onto the trails means a lot of riders.  Many people take their RVs out in our riding area also on holiday weekends.

All three of our ride days over near Quartzsite were under beautiful skies.  This was the next morning.

Our neighbour's had a yard sale on Saturday and it looked like this much of the day

Heading up Queen Creek Hill east from Superior, AZ toward s Globe you gain about 3,000 feet.

Lots of neat rock art on the Queen Creek Hill

Easter Island relative?

Is that a turtle or snake head?

Pinto Creek Mine

Miami, AZ mine tailings mountain

A different looking feedlot in the Miami area

South of Globe on #77 this looks like a fault line

Just north of Winkleman, AZ lies this area with these wavy lines of rock

A little caboose at Hayden, AZ.  I love the whitewalls!

Another tailings pile at Hayden showing the erosion that happens to them.  They tend to become works of art.

At the base of the pile

Overview of the tailings pile and erosion

Part of the tailings pile at Kelvin, AZ at the Ray Mine

As we were heading up the Florence Kelvin Highway from Kelvin, a bit of nice evening light developed so I climbed up on a little knob for a look back at the Ray mine.

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