Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Every year around this time our park has what’s known as Spring Fling which is an excuse for normally sane people to get way outside of normal.  We tend to avoid most of the activities but since we were here this year, took in the parade as it went past our motor home.   It was huge and very colourful.   After the parade we went to friends Ken and Marie’s for a great potluck style lunch.  Their friends (and now ours) Ernie and Atha also from Grand Junction, CO joined us.  Later, we played Spinner, another domino game which I managed to come last in both games. 
Aileen and I went for a drive in the car out into a bit of the area I ATV in.  The Fish and Game or someone has graded several roads out in the desert making them more easily accessed by car.  We went up to where there is an overlook of some petroglyphs.  We’d taken a picnic lunch which we had down in a wash out of the wind.  We’ve had quite a bit of cold wind this winter.  We are back having mornings right on the freezing mark but they are promising some warmer weather soon.
I’ve been out a couple times geocaching, once in the car for a short while and yesterday with the ATV where I managed to get about four hours in and found 34.  I really enjoy caching either on the
ATV or my bike.
On Sunday, our Campbell River friends, Gay and Doug, spent the day with us.  We did a tour of the Greek Monastery just south of Florence then wandered over to Casa Grande for a late lunch.  When we got home, Aileen had a little rest while I took Doug and Gay up to our park’s cactus garden which has name tags with all the plants.  Aileen had supper partly ready in the crockpot and just had to cook rice and carrots.  Before we knew it we were sitting down to another meal.  After an enjoyable visit, the guys left about 7:30 for their drive back to Mesa where they have rented a condo.  Gay and I had a good time sharing photo talk.
Jacquie and Jim left Friday morning for Yuma for a few days then on to Quartzsite for a few more days.  From there, they will head straight home to BC.  Cousin Terry who had a liver transplant in the fall is doing very well and is in rehab getting her strength back.  She could be going home by the end of March.  She was very sick for a long time. 

Some of our local hookers

Some Caliente flashers

Giving a closer view

Followed by ......

This year's theme was Mardi Gras so a good excuse to go a bit crazy

Lots of thought and effort went into many of these golf carts

Two of our clowns, Lovey Dovey and Rats

The greenest I have seen the desert

We saw the sheep again in Box Canyon this afternoon.  I think there were a dozen and first time I have seen them jump