Sunday, January 23, 2011


Red Rock Canyon on the way to Bryce Canyon

A natural bridge in toward the back of the Bryce Canyon road

My health continues to improve, I’m glad to report. Mitzy and I walk out into the desert everyday from here. I should take my GPS along someday to see just how far but I’m guessing over two miles. I also try to walk quite a bit more within the park. Aileen continues to go to the pool most nights but is being challenged by the too high pool temperatures for the most part. Aileen has put in quite a bit of time and effort getting things in order for the insurance company on my behalf.

We went to Casa Grande one day. Aileen needed a new bathing suit and I wanted to peek at laptops since mine may be on its way out. One of the hinges is broken and the whole lower screen separates when I try to close the lid. I’m looking forward to having more RAM when using my photo editing programs. We’d heard there was a good gluten free section in the Fry’s store in Casa Grande but it turned out to be not much. Another day we went to the Safeway at Merrill Ranch which had a good selection last time Aileen was there but it was empty. It seems they decided to re-do the gluten free section and let it go empty and now have to wait for the new stock to arrive.

We went to my sister Wendy and Randy’s for supper last night. We enjoyed a game of Wizard later which they let me win. Last Tuesday we went to a musical evening at the clubhouse. The Dutton Family were great entertainment. The energy on stage was incredible, one got tired just watching. They are a large family and quite a few grandkids performed and stole the show. The family has a theatre in Branson where they performed over 200 days last year and just opened another in Phoenix. I don’t normally pay that much to see a performance but this was worth it. Aileen and I sat as far from people as we could to keep me away from perfume and colds. At one point a couple of ladies came close and one asked if they were in our way. Aileen said no, but are you wearing perfume. One lady replied not since this morning to which Aileen replied how I was trying to stay away from any. I piped up about how I was just getting over Valley Fever. Well did those ladies give me some distance in a hurry. You’d think I told them I had the plague!

I went to the local music jam this afternoon and it was an excellent show. Some of these older performers are amazing. Many of them are well in their eighties but you’d not know it by their music. I’m not back into picture taking mode yet so will try to find something in the archives to colour up the page a little. Our loose master plan for the winter had us in Quartzsite right now but given my issues we’re staying right here.


  1. We're glad to hear you're doing better! All the best to you, Aileen, Randy and Wendy from Keith, Heather and Oliver.

  2. Keep on getting better, friend! We like enhancing pictures with whatever system you use, but I do believe the top picture got a double dose of "saturation!" On the other hand, the colors at Bryce Canyon are unbelievable to start with!