Friday, February 26, 2010



I was without internet for over a week as I went and pushed a button I should have left alone! Because of that I got way behind in my emailing of photos and other things. I’m finding it difficult to catch up now as there are the ever pressing other things requiring attention before we head north on March 1st. I’ve been to the bank to ensure sufficient funds are on deposit to cover the automatic withdrawals until next fall. I also went to the hydro office and gave them extra money to last through the summer. I cleaned the trailer battery connections and checked the water levels. I took a tire off the trailer over to Coolidge to repair a slow leak which turned out to be a small staple. I was impressed that it only cost $8 for the repair. I also took a propane bottle for a refill so we start out full in case of cold weather where we might want to run the furnace constantly. Aileen has been baking bread again, which is a treat. She has also made more of her really good cookies. Mitzy and I have been going every day for our walks in the desert. We went almost three miles one day and nearly that this morning. I have to take her little back pack on these walks so she can have several drinks.

We had lots of company on our back lot to watch the Spring Fling parade. It isn’t huge but it is a good one. Just after the parade went by us, the skies opened up and it poured. We headed for cover but the entrants got soaked. This can’t be southern Arizona!! That’s how this winter has been. Later in the day we went to a surprise birthday party for our neighbour’s son. He actually owns the unit next door as they signed it over to him last year. He usually only makes it here for five days a season. There was a good sized group of us and we almost froze with the cold wind. Everyone was dressed in their warmest clothes. I made some CDs for several people and did some 4x6 prints for others.

Last Sunday, we took Eleanor and Ron to the Mesa Market for the afternoon. It was very crowded of course. We stopped at the Red Sage restaurant in Gold Canyon for lunch on the way and had an excellent meal. We came home by a more western route for a change of scenery. On Monday, I went to my last PhotoShop Elements group for this season. I must get more involved next year and see if I can learn something. Last Monday night, we took Eleanor and Ron and met Jacquie and Jim at Chen’s Chinese Bistro in Anthem, for an excellent meal. It may be the best Chinese food we’ve ever had.

On Tuesday, Jim and I made our long planned photo trip to Martinez Canyon. We wanted to go by ourselves so we could stop and take pictures wherever we wanted. My neighbour, Carol, came along for the ride and I think she really enjoyed it. She had never been on an ATV and couldn’t believe how smooth a ride it was. We had a great day. The weather had been lousy for days but it dawned sunny was gorgeous, and has been until this afternoon when it clouded over. The forecast is for rain and high winds the next two days. It is supposed to turn sunny again Monday for our departure.

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