Thursday, October 1, 2009


Can you spot the sheep's head?

Close up of sheep's head

Close up of balancing rock

All pictures taken today at Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction

We arrived at our Caliente friends, Ken and Marie’s, in Grand Junction, Colorado on Tuesday after overnight stops in Pocatello, Idaho and Price, Utah. Marie’s directions were very good so we had no difficulty finding their place. The real difficulty came when it was time to back in beside their house! There were only inches to spare between the trailer and the eave which we had to crowd as much as possible since we still couldn’t open the trailer door all the way when parked the best possible way. We enjoyed a potluck barbeque for supper.

Ken and Marie came along and gave us a tour of the Colorado National Monument today. We took a lunch and enjoyed it in bright sun but a cool wind. Up at 6400 feet, it was fairly nippy but the air was nice and clear. We were very impressed with the beautiful colours in the cliffs as well as the height of them. We stopped at a winery on the return but I thought their product wasn’t nearly as good as BC wines.

Last night another couple from Caliente, Doug and Corrine, came to supper with the four of us here and we had a great evening visiting. It will be fun when we all get to Caliente again and resume our socializing. The plan is for the four of us to go to a ranch restaurant for supper tonight so I will keep this short and see if the internet signal is strong enough to post my blog from here.

We did get to the Texas Steakhouse for supper. Good food at $7.99 each and the ladies both brought some home. We played Mexican Train tonight. Aileen was the big winner. Another exploration trip is planned for tomorrow but not decided where yet.

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