Friday, June 19, 2009


Wild Rose along the Toad River

Yellow Lady's Slipper

American Vetch - one of the most colourful plants

Muncho Lake looking south

Muncho Lake looking north

Teeter Creek Falls

Liard River

A folded rock mountain

Stone Sheep ram

Stone Sheep ram

This years's Stone Sheep lamb

Black bear with two cubs.....................................................................
Well as I predicted, we had no internet for the past two days. We did see some awesome scenery along the way. The first night (Wednesday) we camped at Summit Lake in Stone Mountain Park and we’d had showers off and on but it wasn’t too bad during the evening. There was a nice rainbow over the camp late evening. It rained well during the night sometime but the morning was gorgeous. I happened to open an eyeball at 5:38 AM and saw that it was really nice out so I leapt out and wandered around with my camera. The light was beautiful! Perhaps you’ll agree after viewing some of the pictures.
Yesterday we only did just over 100 kms, stopping early at Muncho Lake. Again the light was poor when we arrived but by supper time it was getting really good. Before leaving Summit Lake, we’d gone for a good walk up a closed road so the ladies were needing a good afternoon rest. Actually, I had a nap too! This morning we walked up a trail along side Teeter Creek to a waterfall we read about in the Milepost. This was at KM 772.9 on the Alaska Highway. I had to climb up beyond where Aileen could go to get a worthwhile picture as from down below you couldn’t see the main falls. The highlight of the walk though was this robin was bouncing along in front of us when suddenly a small hawk attacked it and they went round and round in the trail with feathers flying. Suddenly the robin escaped and went winging through the forest with the hawk a foot or so behind. The robin almost hit Aileen and the hawk panicked and gave up the chase. The mosquitoes were pretty nasty. They’ve not been too bad so far but tonight here at Watson Lake they are also a nuisance. We’re at KM 978 approximately tonight at a private campground. It’s a Good Sam Park and when I asked for a basic site with no hookups, she charged me $9.00! It’s $27 with full hookups. Yukon government campsites are $12 with no services so this is a deal as we have wireless internet thrown in as well.