Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Leaving the Okanagan

Time for another update. We left Kekuli Sunday morning and wandered our way down the Okanagan Valley. We had our lunch alongside the highway a few km before Keremeos. We unhooked the trailer in Hedley and went looking for a spot to park for the night. Found a nice little forestry site 4 km toward Princeton on the Old Hedley Road. We parked the trailer looking down on the beautifully clear Similkameen River with a pathway down to the river from our site. Watch out for poison ivy! Cost us a whole $5 for the privilege of camping here. The highway was just across the river but became very quiet overnight.
On Monday morning we wandered our way along the old road to Princeton. There was very little traffic and great scenery. The cottonwoods were turning colour and they made some lovely reflections in the river we could enjoy as we drove along. I saw a neat old abandoned house that I had to stop and shoot as I think it will lend itself to something special in PhotoShop. There were several interesting farms and ranches and some unique vacation houses. We stopped in Manning Park for a leisurely lunch and sat outside beside the trailer enjoying the warm sunshine. When we got down on the Hope side of Allison Pass there was a spectacular display of vine maples showing their red Fall colour. I stopped for pictures of the maples at the old wagon road viewpoint.
Today we gassed up at Hope then bee-lined for the Duke Point ferry. Got to Tsawwassen around 11 AM for the 12:45 sailing. I had just sat down at the computer to begin this entry when there was a knock on the door. My sister Wendy and husband Randy had spotted us from two rows over. They were just returning from a 5 day trip to the McDonalds Corners, Ontario Fall Fair. Their friends Glen and Sandy Hersley had flown with them. We visited again on board the ferry. Tonight we’re set up in my parent’s yard in Errington just out of Parksville. The house is still vacant as they went into care in March. My youngest brother Charlie lives next door and ensures things are kept up in the house and yard. We even have an invitation to join Charlie and Sheila for supper which is a nice bonus.

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  1. Welcome to the island! I'll give you a call tomorrow.