Thursday, April 29, 2010


Georgia with her hiking hat

An obstacle

In the big Cedar tree

Grandma and Georgia walking in the rain

What are these things?

This is where I got the above images - Shaw Cable office

Yellow Crested Sparrow, I think

One of Babs' many tulips

Up just before the 6:30 alarm on Saturday. On the road at 8:03 headed for Victoria with Aileen at the wheel. She drove to Duncan where I took over. Cloud, rain, sun, cloud, rain, sun – that was our day. It took us 2 hours 18 minutes to our son Richard’s. We visited a few minutes then took our grand daughter Georgia out to Goldstream Park. We walked the upper stream trail from the guard house and that took a long time. Georgia kept heading back to the truck and was hard to keep motivated to actually walk up the trail. We took the trail up to the campsite when we got to it. It rained well at times so good thing we had our damp proof clothes.

We moved down across the highway to have our lunch and just about froze as it was windy under the picnic shelter and raining for the first while. Even when the sun came out for a few minutes, it remained cool. Since it was sunny we decided to go to Cadboro Bay. Well after a few minutes on the beach, in blew another shower so we headed back to Georgia’s house. We visited there for awhile then headed back to our trailer stopping in Ladysmith for Chinese supper.

I went to Nanaimo with Aileen Sunday morning. Dropped her off at church then found my way to the Shaw Cable building and spent awhile shooting their feature wall. Not sure what they call it but it is rectangular, concave and very reflective. I took Aileen there after church and took some more shots since the lighting was different.

We had a lazy Monday morning then took the trailer to Rathtrevor Park to dump the tanks. Yep, it’s two weeks since the last one already. We drained the fresh water tank completely as well, as we had some silty water from before.

I took Mom to art again on Wednesday. While the ladies were visiting and some actually doing a little art, I think, I used both my 100 mm macro lens and my 400 mm telephoto doing flowers and birds. Art was at her old friend Babs' place in a rural setting at Nanoose. Her wee house is about 100 years old and she has all sorts of old sheds, pens, gardens and bird feeders. I went to school with Babs’ older daughter Many moons ago) and met the younger one yesterday and interestingly, she spent 15 years working within ½ km of our house in Salmon Arm.

I have been editing pictures and working on assembling slide shows this week but it is slow going. I prefer to touch up my images before going to the final stage of putting the shows together in ProShow Gold. One of the hard parts is getting the numbers down to manageable levels. I think I have 15 shows on the go currently and lots of my images will probably never be seen other than by myself. I guess you could call that a downside of traveling to so many beautiful places. At least I get to share some of them with you blog readers.

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  1. That's quite a colorful display at Shaw Cable! And fun to go walking with an even hesitant graddaughter!