Sunday, March 28, 2021



We closed on the new home March 18th.  We supposedly take possession April 30.  Progress is being made with the drywall finisher being there most days.  Some of the outside finishing continues as well.  Since our unit was delivered, two more have arrived so the crews will be very busy there for several weeks.  Deer Park Estates is complete now as all 102 lots are occupied.

Aileen has been working in the gardens cleaning up and doing some planting.  I have been constructing new deer proof garden enclosures.  Nice to have something to do outside at this point.

I made a trip up to Salmon Arm to collect our mail so I could submit the income tax stuff.  I have started changing our address over to our place but will continue to have some mail go to the Salmon Arm address since it is still available.

I have picked up a couple of geocaches so far and as the snow retreats at the higher elevations hope to get more active.  Once we get possession of the house outside activities will have to compete with making it our home.

One of Karen's orchids against an abstract painting 

Those are all tiny individual orchid flowers against the same painting.

First daffodil at Karen's

Outside progress on the lot

Buttercups yesterday

An old dump rake just like the one I used to ride on when I was about six.  I had to jump down from the seat every time I had to step on the trip lever.

Lichen on a rock yesterday when I was climbing up the mountain.  The rock is over two feet in each direction.  From a distance I thought it was a cut log end.

The view over St. Andrew's golf course from the top.

More buttercups from yesterday

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  1. Hope to see more nature photos mixed with those of the new house.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the change.

    It's about time.