Wednesday, April 22, 2020


We’re still avoiding people as much as possible.  I do go for groceries as required but go mostly in the late evening when it is much quieter.  We also walk from here several times daily as we are going to keep getting lots of fresh air and exercise.  One evening after supper we drove up above Naramata and walked up a quiet section of the KVR railway trail.  Didn’t see anyone else the whole time and did get to find a couple of geocaches.  Another evening we drove to Summerland and walked another section of the KVR trail getting another five caches.  Again other than a group of walkers that we waited out of the way for, there were only a couple of others. 
We took our lunch one day and drove up a logging road above Okanagan Falls and picked up another six geocaches.  It was so nice to pull out the folding chairs and sit and have a peaceful lunch listening to the wind in the trees and the sounds of nature.
We walk up the trail along Penticton Creek most evenings and you’ll notice that is the source for most of my photos.  We don’t usually have trouble keeping our distance from other walkers.  We’ve had a couple of nice days and spring is starting to speed up the process.  We can see changes daily now.  However, our six day forecast has four days with showers so we are in for cooler temperatures again.
Soon after I posted my last blog, I found out that we don’t need to file our income taxes until June 1 so we are going to delay our move up to Salmon Arm to give things a little more time to shake out.   Our friends Richard and Judy are still in Caliente and sending me lots of great photos of all the flowers that are happening in Arizona.  The wild flowers should start blooming here soon.  There are a few so far but they need a few more days of good weather.
Thinking back over the years as our baby turned 48 today and her brother will be 50 in the fall.  The time has gone so quickly!

A rock cut along the KVR rail trail

Looking up the KVR trail

From the KVR trail looking down at wind patterns on Okanagan Lake

Mule Deer buck with his antlers just starting, shot out the motor home door, the trailer is next door.

A Quail shot from our doorway

And this Quail was shot through the side window.  We are so fortunate to be able to park here!

Common Mergansers courting ritual

Evening backlighting up the creek

Oregon Grape

Lots of Magnolia blooming here in Penticton

Penticton Creek

Mallard pair in Penticton Creek

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  1. Nice having someplace so scenic to have walks.
    Great pictures as always. Especially like the wildlife.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the changing season.

    It's about time.