Sunday, February 18, 2018


We had about 3/4 on an inch of rain the other day which was very welcome.  It made for a pleasant dust free ride on Friday.  Our annual desert clean up was to have happened Thursday but it got rained out.  Lots of us had other commitments for Friday so they had a small group turn out.
Aileen is still struggling with her knee which is a drag for her.  Marie has made a fairly good recovery from being so very ill last week.  We went out for lunch yesterday then played cards on her patio and she even played piano at church this morning.
Aileen and I went for a back road drive this morning.  There had been some nasty mud from the rain but it was mostly dried up today.  I picked up eight geocaches along the way and we had lunch out in the middle of nowhere.  Nice and quiet.  No cars came by while we ate and we only met a small number all the way.
Tomorrow is President's Day down here so it will be very busy out on the trails tomorrow.  I will try and find an area that doesn't get much ATV traffic for my group ride.  We need a fairly short ride as tomorrow is our monthly ATV potluck.

Below Box Canyon.  Nice light on an overcast day.

Below Box Canyon

A lichen painted rock below Box Canyon

Desert Bighorn ram in Box Canyon

He stayed put while we moved up the canyon for a different angle

Road block on the Little Spine

Licking the other calf

Do I have to get up

There were no birds in our tree the other morning when Mitzy and I walked by when suddenly this Gambel's Quail hopped up and posed for us

Mitzy and I wandered through the car show on our return from the desert

A good piece of advice no matter where you are

51 Ford and 49 Studebaker

Old Chevy

Double reflection on the back of a 1956 Studebaker car.  That's the clubhouse behind me.

A male Cactus Wren this morning warbling to the world

The old house at 96 Ranch that we drove by this morning

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