Thursday, January 11, 2018


Life keeps hurtling along for me, it seems.  Aileen is still pretty much laid up with her knee although it is slowly improving.  She made it out of the motor home yesterday for the first time since New Years Day.  We took Ken and Marie to Scottsdale for Marie's appointment at Mayo Clinic.  Afterwards, we met Marie's cousin and husband for supper at a Red Lobster and had a pleasant evening.  Leaving there though things went down hill.  We came on a recent accident and had quite the time making a detour.  Then we had several more either accidents or breakdowns with red and blue flashing lights.  We'd left Mitzy home as she doesn't like travelling and she sure was glad to see us.

Spotted these drowsing horses driving the back roads home from Coolidge one day

Discovered these Crested Saguaros while geocaching another day


Mitzy and I saw this rooster quail on our morning walk last week

Hand held of the moon the other night

Northern Flicker also while Mitzy and I were on our morning walk

On our last Friday's ride, some of them get comfortable

Last Friday

Northern Mockingbird right above where Mitzy and I park the trike for our desert walks

Some sheep on our Monday ride

Box Canyon

Along the Martinez Mine Rd

Taken right above where the previous photo was taken

And just a little further along the Martinez Rd

Red-tailed Hawk this morning after watching fifteen ATVs go by

This American Kestrel stayed put while thirteen ATVs blasted by and let me take a few photos

House Finch taken on our morning walk

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