Monday, December 25, 2017


Time is just flying by, the year is almost done already.  Best wishes to all for a joyful season and a Happy New Year.  Our turkey is in the electric roaster out in the shed and we will be sharing it with our good friends Ken and Marie and their neighbours, Dale and Martha.
On a sad note, our twenty year old Sophie took her departure the other day so the house (motorhome) is feeling a bit empty.  Fifteen year old Mitzy is still chugging along although she is having some bad days.
We have a sort of sunny morning and the temperature wasn't too far above freezing to start but it is supposed to get up to 72F (low 20sC) this afternoon.   We hope so as we plan to have our Christmas meal outside at 1 pm.  This has been a very windy winter so far.  Combined with scant rainfall the desert is extra dry.  The way its going, there won't be much for flowers in the spring before we leave to go north.

If you look closely on the right side, you might see Santa peeking out of the outhouse

I would title this "beauty in destruction".  There used to be a town over there but it got moved.  This is at Kelvin, AZ

Looking down Ocotillo, our street, Christmas Eve about an hour and a half after sunset.  Taken with the Canon 6D on a tripod.

Carolers serenading Aileen who is in the doorway of the motor home

Christmas Eve caroling

Some Caliente decorations

Out on the ATV  trails one day

Curved-bill Thrasher

Northern Mockingbird

House Sparrow in a Saguaro

Aileen made nearly eleven dozen chocolate peanut clusters to give to the neighbours and friends as part of our gifting.  They are always well received.

So nice to see roses blooming outside at this time of year 

We had our first Caliente Couples ride on Friday

Christmas Eve on Ocotillo with the Canon SX50 handheld 

This person from Saskatchewan had a great display in our neighbouring park

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