Saturday, November 21, 2015


My computer arrived on Thursday this week and after being without it for twenty nine days, I was quite behind in many things.  I did get most of my photo editing caught up already and have sent out several emails with photos to my ATV friends.   
We were saddened to hear the news this morning that our daughter-in-law's father had passed away in the night while in the cardiac unit in Victoria, BC.
We've had three card game evenings so far this season here in the park.  We took the turkey out of the freezer this morning and will be cooking it for several of our friends for the American Thanksgiving which is November 26.  We already have turkeys in the freezer for the ATV December potluck and for Christmas with friends here in the park.  This will be our first Christmas in the park in several years rather than being out in the desert near Quartzsite.

Sacred Datura also called Angel Trumpet

My friend Donna pointed this flowering Barrel Cactus out as we were on one of my first rides 

These wild bees nest in cavities in the cliffs in some of the washes.  These were taken from 35-40 feet away with my little Canon SX50 at 1200mm then 200X digital zoom on a tripod with image stabilizing turned off.  When digital cameras first came out, I used to scorn people for using the digital zoom but boy have they improved!

This butterfly image was taken from behind the wheel of our RZR side by side at about 20 feet handheld

One day last week, Aileen and I went to Queen Creek shopping and drove through a couple of heavy showers.  This is after we drove out of the rain in a locality known as Little Mexico

A little further down the road we noticed this neat phenomena which I believe it called a Fire Rainbow also called an Iridescent Cloud.  That little bit of mountain visible in the lower left is Superstition Mtn east of Phoenix.

On our ATV ride Thursday, I was crawling around in the rocks above our lunch spot at the base of Grayback Mtn when I spotted this Desert Tortoise.  He remained totally motionless except for a couple of eye blinks

On the hillside across the wash from the tortoise, I found this beautiful flower with the not so beautiful name of Prairie Spiderwort

This Red Tailed Hawk posed on a power pole on our way home from the ride Aileen and I led yesterday

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