Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We had a rather nice weekend.  The sun shone quite a bit although it mostly stayed cool.  I even managed to go for a decent bike ride Sunday afternoon.  Right on the forecast, it began raining again Monday morning.   After the rain eased up, Aileen and I went out to the bush in the back of Charlie’s and Sheila’s and had a roaring fire which we tended most of the day.  We cleaned up quite a large section and now have the stiff spots to remember it by.  This would be our version of Work Camping, I guess.
I had been considering replacing the poor quality TV in the motor home for some time and it has now happened.   We haven’t watched TV in any of our RVs and the picture quality of the one that came with the motor home was abysmal.  Even DVDs didn’t look any heck.   It didn’t have any connections for me to hook up the computer either.  Saturday morning, in between helping Chas build a cathouse at his rental (this was for those little four legged furry critters, in case you’re wondering), I built a heavy duty mounting base for the wall mount bracket.  I don’t think I actually got rid of much weight but the mount is really secure.   I haven’t yet tried the TV out though.
Also on Saturday, it was the local Errington Community Center’s 90th birthday party.  This old hall has been a favourite venue for our family since the mid 60’s with many wedding receptions, anniversaries, dances and coffee houses attended.  Aileen spent some time on the board of director’s, I was fire chief in the adjoining previous fire hall and my dad spent many years on the board including a term as president.  For many years Mom and Dad were fixtures at all events, Mom on the door and Dad in the bar.  It has been over 35 years since we lived here and I was amazed at how few people I recognized.  Of course, once some people were pointed out to me, I was able to place them.   Some of us change a lot in 35 years, many of the old stalwarts have passed on and some of the younger ones moved away.
Aileen and I played five games of SkipBo over two nights and she won every one.   Twice she robbed me when I was down to just one card.
We’ve done quite a bit of exploring around sort of looking at property and it has been amazing the number of houses we’ve been seeing tucked away out of sight.  We will see a road heading off and turn up thinking it’s will have a house or two but suddenly there will be a huge row of mailboxes and by the time we’ve followed the road to its end we’ve accounted for all the boxes.

Sophie has found the best spot in the motor home

Was that a camera I heard clicking?

The empty hole after removing the old TV

The new TV installed

5968 foot high Mt Arrowsmith, on the left is the highest mountain on southern Vancouver Island.  Mt  Cokely is the smaller one on the right at 5312 feet elevation

Mt Arrowsmith