Sunday, May 8, 2011


 A flashy looking old Cadillac

 Did you guess an early TBird?  The view through the porthole

 1955 Chrysler Windsor

 I took these pictures this morning while Aileen was at church

I thought the first image was a little soft in the yellow so I added the poster edges filter

We’ve been back at White Lake several days and life is still rolling by at a fast rate.  We seem to be going to town nearly every day for one thing or another.  Nothing further happening to the property here since the road restrictions are still on and they can’t bring the excavator until that’s over.  We did fall a few more trees beside the house, that were right on the property line and Jim and I had a good fire getting rid of the debris.  Aileen was unable to come out and help as her back spasms are still continuing.  They are becoming a little more manageable but still very painful. 
Kevin and I have been making plans to build our storage shed in their backyard and I think we finally have nailed our plan down.  It will be fairly close to the size we currently have rented so we won’t have to dispose of as much as we were thinking we might, to make it more manageable.  We want the ability to sort through our belongings on an ongoing basis rather than having to do it all at once.
We saw several classic cars drive by this morning and since it was Mother’s Day, I guessed there was an event at the community center.  When I wandered that way after breakfast, I found it was the 30th annual volunteer firemen’s pancake breakfast.  I grabbed a few shots of some of the cars but the location was lacking and the backgrounds were generally awful.  However, it was enjoyable looking the old cars over.  I met two of the guys I used to work with and caught up a bit on what they’ve been doing.  One retired recently but the other is still working.
I spent most of Monday morning washing the motor home.  It looks very nice.  I washed the car too but it already is dirty as I went to town and ran into heavy showers both going and returning.  I replaced the thermocouple in the oven but it didn’t fix the problem.  The oven was never used by the previous owner and I doubt we have used it six times but it won’t light.  I will try replacing the control next.  If that doesn’t fix it, I guess the extended warranty will pay for a visit to the shop. 
On Friday night Clarence and Grace, friends of Jacquie and Jim came by and the six of us played SkipBo.  The ladies won all four games shutting us guys out.  Tonight the four of us taught Maurice and Dian, my cousin Jeff’s inlaws, how to play SkipBo.  The six off us usually play Mexican Train which we haven’t played for several weeks now.
Yesterday I took Aileen to Kim’s (a lady Aileen has known for years) surprise birthday party.  She turned 45.  Aileen had good visit with several old friends.  I went to my Aunt Eleanor’s (and Ron) and showed Dad’s tribute video which they enjoyed.  I used my new HDMI cable to connect to their TV and it worked very well.  I showed various other pictures until Aileen called.  It turned out the party was running late since Kim decided to go for coffee even though no one else would go with her; it turned out they were all going to her place as a surprise, of course.  I did a couple errands and was going to sit and read in the car but got spotted and invited in.  I didn’t have any cake since both were chocolate but I did have some meat along with a few chips.  We had supper with Bev and Kev last night.  It was the Mother’s Day get together, I think.  Aileen had done a roast in the crockpot which we took half cooked and plugged in at Bev’s about noon.  Aileen used the tub and I soaked in the hot tub again. I had been earlier in the week to sit in the hot tub to help my sore joints.
We continue to get un Spring like weather for the most part although it got quite nice this afternoon.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain this week again.  The problem with these late Springs it that when it finally gets warm, it gets hot so fast you don’t get to acclimatize to it.  It’s looking like we will be remaining in this area for at least another month.  We will probably head back to Vancouver Island when we leave here.

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  1. Hot tub? Oooh, that sounds joyous! Especially here with below freezing mornings!