Sunday, April 10, 2011


The deep snow 

Yesterday was my Dad’s celebration of life and it went very well.  We got to see friends and relatives from far and wide and everything went according to plan.  I had spent some time over the past couple weeks selecting pictures.  I put up about 160 pictures on eight boards and people enjoyed reminiscing over them.  My brother Sam and I put together the tribute brochure.  Several people gave remembrances of Dad, some brought tears and others were very funny.  Our daughter came from Salmon Arm by bus on Friday and our son and granddaughter came by bus from Victoria Saturday morning.  Bev will ride back to Salmon Arm with us in the motor home and I will drive Richard and Georgia to Victoria this afternoon.  We are leaving Vancouver Island tomorrow going to Salmon Arm.  We have to get our income taxes done post haste and so far don’t have any plans other than doctor and dentist appointments.
The celebration for Sheila’s father was very well done by the family and lots of people attended.  One highlight was the local Old Time Fiddlers who came and played.  Al had been a member of the group and a faithful follower for many years.   We did luck out and get to enjoy several meals with Sheila’s family. 
Aileen and I have had several large fires out in the bush cleaning up forest debris.  I got to play on the backhoe several times.  We could burn for only another week but we just can’t spare the time.  I did the first lawn cutting Friday afternoon.  We’ve tried out a few gluten free restaurants with good success.

Beach goers

 Mitzy  in a pensive moment on the beach

We headed over to Long Beach Wednesday morning after breakfast.  Aileen drove to Alberni then I drove the rest of the day.  We found the spot offered us for parking the motorhome in August and the driveway may need some pruning before we can get in without scratching motor home.  The meadow where we are to park is mostly under water so not sure what it would be like if August is wet. 
            We’d eaten our lunch in a parking lot on Chesterman Beach Rd so we went back there after finding the property, for a walk on the beach.  The sun shone nicely while we walked on the sand.  Shortly after heading homeward, within a few kms of the junction there was snow along the road and there had been a serious accident where a small car took out a cement guard rail.  Along Cameron Lake we again found remnants of snow from earlier in the afternoon.   It was amazing how high the snow was piled up along the road at Taylor Arm.  It is just a couple hundred feet above sea level but tucked into the mountains.

The Above are what I call SandArt 
On Thursday, I went with Charlie and Sheila to Nanaimo to help them buy a new computer.  We took the motor home to the dump station after supper so we would have no issues over the weekend with our extra company.  

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