Saturday, January 3, 2015


Happy New Year blog friends!  Last year sure went by in a blur!  I guess maybe there is some truth in the statement that the years go by faster the older you get.  We’ve had a pretty laid back time so far over in this part of Arizona but it will get busier next week with our ATV friends arriving Monday and Tuesday to ride Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  And then, the following Tuesday we head back to Florence.

I spent a couple cold days out in the RZR scouting out trails to take the group.  Aileen and I will take our lunch and go check out another spot tomorrow.  We have had several very cool nights with several degrees of frost.  I think the coldest was 25F which is just under -4C. On the days we had some wind, it stayed darn cold all day.  Today was quite pleasant getting up to about 55F with no wind until late in the afternoon.  We are sure happy with our little free standing Buddy propane heater.  It requires no electricity to operate so doesn’t affect our power usage.  We light it about 6 am or later then some days we have also turned on the motor home furnace to give the temperature a boost until the sun takes over and starts contributing some heat.   We’ve had mostly sunny days which has been really positive for our batteries usually getting a full charge.

This is how Sophie handled the cold afternoons

The snow nearly got us a few days ago

As the storm ended

The first ray of sunshine I saw this day

Is it a big old dog like Pluto or a rhino?

Frost on the RZR

Frost on the RZR luggage box and bungee cord

Jim and I found this old mine while geocaching today.  It was the Gold Eye Mine - Claim 4

63 years is a long time to be involved with something

Inside the roofless stone house is quite a museum

The posts were formed with 45 gallon drums and then car frames were the rafters

Potty Lane -  not sure what this is for other than a way to dispose of old toilets

On one of my route finding trips, I found these three scenes at Quinn Pass just off the Plomosa Rd

This is looking across toward Bouse from the high point on the road from Quartzsite at Quinn Pass