Saturday, November 29, 2014


We found a new to us mine shaft above the Woodpecker Mine the other day.  A few of us ventured in with a rechargeable spotlight that hadn't been charged since last season and sure enough, the light got dimmer and dimmer.   I was able to get some shots of the Striped Skunk using the weak light even though as my Canon 6D doesn't have a built in flash.  The shot below was 1/10 second at F9 and ISO 12,800.  This would have been impossible back when I was shooting slide film.   Oh yes, the light died completely before we started out the over 100 feet and several corners back to daylight.  We had to rely on Maureen's iPhone to light the way.  I went back with another group two days later and the skunk was absent.  We did have more lights with us that day.

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