Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We are having trouble keeping the motor home warm enough with the cool damp weather that is happening.   Several degrees of frost forecast for tonight.  When I took Mitzy for her walk this morning she was somewhat surprised to find her tongue skidding along the surface when she tried to have a puddle drink.  She only tried a couple times before telling me we’d better get back to the motor home for a drink.
We have been busy earning our temporary parking spot at my brother Charlie’s (and Sheila).  We have done miscellaneous chores around the place and today had a large bonfire cleaning up one section of the back yard.  Aileen enjoys having a fire and doesn’t consider it work.  I leveled a corner of the yard so the lawnmower can access it instead of having to use the weed whacker.
Aileen has been arranging visits of some of our relatives for the short time we are in this area.  We are both arranging appointments for our few weeks in Salmon Arm, our former home.  We don’t think we’ll  stay there too long this year.  Last year we stayed much longer because we were building our storage shed at our daughter’s.  We need to be down in the south Okanagan for a celebration of life for our friend Carole on May 5th and have no idea yet which direction to go from there.  One advantage of this full timing is the ability to change direction fairly easily.

This is my office.  Aileen has been typing my Mom's diaries as an ongoing project spanning several years.  I proof then print them.  My Dad actually started the diary in 1946 before I was born then Mom took them over.  She was still writing them until just a couple years ago until her mental health declined too far.  Yesterday, I finished printing 1993 ending at page 4,563.  Yes that's right!!

This is yesterday out the side window

This was out the front window.  Today was a gorgeous sunny day but only just a few degrees above freezing