Sunday, November 6, 2011


L-R Aileen, John, Suzy and Jerry

Yesterday was finish cleaning up from the party day.  We tried to make it a rest day as well.   I went to Coolidge for a couple things including washing all the dust off the car from the Friday dust storm.  Aileen had a nap.  When Aileen went for her nap afternoon yesterday, I sat in my chair and I think I napped as long as she did.  It must be the turning 65 since I don’t normally nap at all.  The weather has cooled off about 20C from a couple days ago so instead of the air conditioner, the heater has been on a few times.   We did go to a yard sale up the street and I picked a heater for my little room aka “the man cave”.  I also got four small wood picture frames.
Today, we went on a different type of adventure.  We drove to Benson, AZ to visit fellow bloggers, Jerry and Suzy.  They have been my most faithful blog commenters for a long time.  Jerry posts an interesting blog periodically   They are a friendly couple and it felt like we had known them for a long time as soon as we met.  We spent the afternoon chatting and putting away a great lunch which was a combined effort of Jerry, Suzy and Aileen.  My contribution was eating more than I should have.  They have a park model in an SKP park a couple miles south of Benson, which is not far from Tombstone.  Their park is a nice quiet spot with large roomy sites.  They also have a Class A motor home in which they travel.  We left here at 8:15 this morning and returned about 6:45.  We did stop on the way at Home Depot for a bit of a look around and then at Sprouts, which is a combined health food type store and natural foods market.  They had a lot of items we use but some of their prices were a little steep.  We stopped a couple of other times to walk Mitzy.  Only two short stops on the way home.