Saturday, June 20, 2009


East Falls - Rancheria River

West Falls - Rancheria River

Bluebells - Mertensia family

Arctic Lupine

Fairy Slipper - Calypso bulbosa

On our morning hike behind Summit Lake at Stone Mountain Park

Looking north up the Alaska Highway at Muncho Lake............................................
It rained well in the night and was drizzly this morning so we didn’t rush to get on the road. We did end up making it to Teslin this afternoon which was about 268 kms and had some very heavy rain along the way. They are sealcoating the road in sections so you drive along and get clean with all the rain, only to come upon another stretch of soupy gravel and get dirty all over again. We’d had our lunch at Rancheria Falls recreation area and after lunch donned our wet weather clothes and walked in. It was only 10 minutes or less and much of it is on an elevated wooden walkway. The river splits in two so there are two waterfalls to view and the viewing platforms are well placed unlike many others I have seen. There is lots of tannin in the water so it’s a very dark brownish colour. It was raining well on the return to the truck so I took pictures of some of the well watered flowers.
Once again we are having problems with our communications technology. Since crossing into the Yukon, it seems we can’t call out. I can’t even access my voicemail to see if we missed any calls. I did receive a call last night from Vernon, BC but can’t get a response when I try to dial out. Likewise, the voice mail doesn’t respond although when I tried it a minute ago it took me to my voicemail and asked if I’d like to leave a message. Duhhh! Guess I’ll have to try calling Northwest Tel’s client care on Monday as they are already closed. Or, emailing my Telus rep as I can’t phone her. So, if you’ve called and left a message, perhaps call again and see if we’re in range. Most of our driving on the Alaska Highway has been out of cell range, it seems.
I’m adding a couple more images for yesterday’s blog and dropping the size on today’s images even further to see if I can get them posted faster. It took hours to do yesterday’s post and I’m hoping the quality will remain acceptable with the smaller file.