Thursday, June 11, 2009


Barn north of Girouxville, Alberta

Dandelion field north of Girouxville, AB

Old barn near Reno, Alberta (the above three pics)

Shed boards at Reno farm.

Looking north. Peace River country north of Donnelly, AB

Looking south east. Peace River country north of Donnelly..............................................
Well, we are still in Donnelly, AB waiting for the cat (Sophie) to recover from her recent surgery. It seems she has a disease called Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions. It also occurs in big cat such as tigers, lions, etc. and is believed to be caused by too much Vitamin D in the diet. Apparently, cat food makers are reducing levels in their products to counteract the problem. What occurs is the teeth rot off below the gumline. Sophie had four teeth extracted and is rapidly improving but dislikes being force fed the antibiotics and pain killer. The vet suggested staying put and keeping her quiet for a few days so I guess we’ll stay the weekend here and head out Monday. We are enjoying our visit with Doug and Judith and they seem to like having us here.
We had 6 hours to kill in Peace River on Tuesday during the vet visit so we explored the town a little and had a nice Chinese smorg at a leisurely pace. Later we went up to the viewpoint overlooking the town and river and sat and rested in the sun for an hour and a half. Yesterday we went exploring a little west and north of Donnelly. The highlight was finding an old farm near Reno that was still in good repair and good light for photography. From there we followed gravel section and township roads and worked our way south to the highway a little east of Donnelly. I have been doing some chores for Judith including cutting the back lawn. I’m trying to earn our parking fee and pay for some of the food we’ve eaten. We’ve been eating inside mostly, sharing food and cooking duties.
Last night Judith went to celebration supper and received her 20 year award from the school. She’s been in charge of the distance learning program for the past ten years. I think she and Aileen are going to Peace River tonight leaving Doug and me to get our own supper.

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  1. I liked Peace River quite a lot, even though it was a fairly quick visit over a decade ago now. The little river valley was pretty and cool, the cemetery was smack beside the yellowest canola field I'd ever seen, and the buildings felt like Salmon Arm, kind of. There are worse places to be stuck!

    Good luck with the cat. Yikes.