Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This little guy was bugging Mitzy.

Bob and Edith's place.

Yukon River.

East Twin Lake.

West Twin Lake.

West Twin Lake.

Little Fox Lake.

In front of our campsite this morning just after 8 AM.

Our friends Bob and Edith.

Bob and Edith's view.

A little swamp south of Fox Lake.

Penstemon south of Fox Lake.

Yukon River south of Whitehorse.

Yukon River south of Whitehorse...........................................................................
Well our cell phone issues are resolved. It turns out someone in Dawson Creek, BC cut the phone lines with a backhoe and disrupted the whole Yukon cell system for the weekend. Most businesses had no Visa or Interac. We camped at Wolf Creek about 15 kms south of Whitehorse for Sunday night. I walked out a trail along the Yukon River Sunday night which turned into quite a lengthy hike. A lady passing by in a canoe wished me Happy Solstice! On Monday morning, I took Aileen and Mitzy out to the viewpoint but made just the 3 km walk out of it. We went into Whitehorse both Sunday and Monday.
On Monday after lunch, we moved about 80-100 kms up the Klondike Highway to Fox Lake Park and got a beautiful campsite right on the lake which also had perfect conditions for the solar panels. The panels are performing very well currently, especially liking these long hours of daylight. We only get 3-4 hours of darkness at this latitude. Most days the system is fully charged in the late morning. Monday evening we visited our friends Bob and Edith (that we met at Port Renfrew in a cafĂ© back in March) who live just a few kms down the road from our campsite. They seemed happy to have some company and were pleased to show us around their property. They don’t have indoor plumbing or hydro and ran a B&B for about 15 years just shutting it down last year. They do have a basic solar set up. Being an hour north of Whitehorse, they don’t have cell reception or internet but do have a hard wired telephone. What they do have is a fabulous lake front property with a four room main house, a couple of cabins and a large workshop. Edith is an accomplished gardener and has lots of garden up already. We went back again last night for a potluck supper with a salad mostly from Edith’s garden, followed by visiting then I put on a digital slide show for them.
Today we have moved up the road to Stewart Crossing, a distance of 287 kms. We had several very nice photo stops along the way which took up quite a bit of time. We were 6 hours doing the 287km so our average speed is only 52 kph after subtracting ½ hour for lunch! For you non metric people, that’s a hair over 30 mph. Good thing I was doing over 100 kph quite a lot of the time.
Our plan for tomorrow is to leave the trailer at Stewart Crossing and drive the “Silver Trail” highway to Mayo and Keno. That will probably be about 250 kms return and will likely take us all day so we will stay here again tomorrow night. We should get to Dawson City the next day and then plan to tackle the Dempster Highway heading for Inuvik, beyond the Arctic Circle.


  1. So... what I hear you saying is screech click click click vrooooooooom meooooooow rrrrrrch click click vrooooooooom chomp chomp ruff! ruff! rrrrrr! vrooooooooom rrrrrrch!
    That about sum it up?

  2. Yes, pretty much!

  3. Sounds like things are going awfully well! Good stuff.