Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We’ve bought property!

I took pictures but the program won't let me load them today. Maybe tomorrow.

We made the plunge this morning and bought the park model trailer two over from us along with the lot directly behind it. Each lot is about 30x40 feet and there is a shed on each. The main lot with the trailer has a metal roof over the whole space and the back lot has a cover for an RV. We’ll park our trailer there to keep it protected from the sun and for use as a guest cottage if someone happens to visit. We’ve been idly looking ever since arriving here and early on Aileen had decided Jim and Betty’s was what she’d like. Then suddenly last Saturday, they told us they’d bought another and their lots were now for sale. It didn’t help that was the day I came down with a flu bug or something but we had to do lots of scheming to figure out how to put the deal together. They kindly gave us four days to make up our mind before openly advertising it. There were already others interested, we know. There is quite a flurry of activity happening with both sales and rentals. All of a sudden there’s nothing left to rent and people are constantly scurrying about looking.
Our closing date is January 28. We are going to continue with our previous plans and head over to Yuma and Quartzsite, probably this Sunday. The only change is we’ll come back afterward for two or three weeks until time to head for BC. That way we should be able to make some plans for what is required next Fall. We don’t know at this time what will be left in the way of furniture. It will probably depend on what Jim and Betty can’t squeeze into their new place. The park model is a 1992 but has been kept up quite well and has several fairly new things like water tank and taps, flooring and lots else. They seem to be quite proactive in that department. The metal roof over top helps to keep the heat down. It isn’t quite how we’d planned (actually, we didn’t have a plan!) to do it but we felt this opportunity was too good to lose. We still intend to keep our house rented out and travel Canada during the next few summers then decide what to do for summer residence.


  1. Great to have you for neighbours!
    Welcome to the neighbourhood even
    though you've been there longer
    than we have now. Congratulations!
    Randy & Wendy

  2. Like I said by email - good heavens! I hope there's room for squatters at some point, that's all I can say....