Saturday, May 30, 2020


Karen’s handyman had a crash the other day on his bicycle and cracked his arm so she asked if we could stick around a bit longer to help her out.   We decided that would be okay with us.  First up was establish her new peach orchard so we planted six trees behind the house.  Then she had a crew come in and fence it to keep the deer out.
Our next project was a large one and that was cleaning out one of the three sheds on the property.  The contents were different generations’ collections dating back to Karen’s husband’s grandfather.  The shed was nearly inaccessible to start with.  After hauling many loads out to the back alley and putting free signs up, much of it disappeared.  Some was kept and there is a pickup load that needs to go to the garbage dump.  This was the first time Karen had ever seen the complete floor in the shed so she was impressed.  Two more sheds to go.  Karen has wanted to do this for years but it was just too overwhelming.
We got out geocaching in the high country once again.  We started out over 5,000 feet elevation and dropped down to about 4,200 but it stayed cool.  Our high temperature was 7C.  When we dropped down to the valley bottom on the return home, it was 22C.   We had a nice quiet day and picked up another 39 caches.  We were the first to find them since the last geocachers were there in October 2019.  We sat out in our folding chairs for lunch and it was so peaceful.  For the whole lunchtime we didn’t hear a man made sound!

American Goldfinch

Twin towers in Penticton

Ground Squirrels in the high country

Osprey along Penticton Creek

More of Karen's Irises

Rhodo near our motor home

Interesting rock face seen while geocaching

Saw this huge natural meadow while caching at 5,000 feet


Some of what we put in the back alley

The shed floor

While Karen's friend was staining the deck, this two point buck came along to watch

Yellow rose in Karen's garden

Wild rose

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  1. Great pictures as always. The one about the Deer checking what Karen's friend was doing is funny.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.