Thursday, December 5, 2019


Life continues to roar along at a fast and furious pace, it seems.  I can't believe it is already two weeks since my last post.  We have had several rides on our new Polaris General and are enjoying it very much.  We went out with Richard and Judy one day and had our supper near Box Canyon then drove home in the dark.  We are hoping to do that again soon.
We made another road trip with them last week traveling south to Oracle then north up AZ 77 to Globe and back through Superior.  It was lightly under 200 miles (315 kms). 
Today, we are taking our neighbour Carol up to Phoenix for a medical appointment then we will be taking her for a followup on Monday so I won't be leading ATV rides both days.
We've had some fairly cool weather including a bit of frost as well as two storms that dumped 1.23 and 1.08 inches of rain on us.  One of the storms had some pretty serious winds with it overnight and it wasn't good for sleeping as it sound like our roof over the motor home was about to depart with all the slamming and banging going on.
We celebrated the American Thanksgiving with eight of us eating in the park model.  We had a great day visiting and eating.  Aileen had bought a fresh turkey at Sprouts and by doing it online, they gave her a 10% discount on our total bill so the turkey cost about $5.  Such a deal!

The Thumb from Granny's Pass

The first Desert Bighorn this fall in Box Canyon

Curved-bill Thrasher

Cattle along the Gila River

These two shots are east of the Gila River

Logger-head Shrike out behind our park

Male Northern Flicker out behind our park

Abandoned mine north of Oracle, AZ on Hwy 77

Some healthy Saguaro cactus along AZ 77

Near Mammoth, AZ

Rock climbers near Superior, AZ

The large blue mountain is Superstition Mtn.  To the left of it, greater Phoenix spreads out for the next sixty or so miles.

Neat sky at Box Canyon

Supper near Box Canyon

Barrel cactus with fruit

The Gila River

Saguaro and fluffy clouds

The San Pedro River.  We had thought we were going to drive across and explore that road until we saw this.  We only got just over an inch of rain but near the headwaters of the San Pedro there was over three inches that fell causing this massive flooding.  The San Pedro flows into the Gila at Winkleman and the next day this water made it to Florence so the Gila was in flood stage too.

After our rain, the creeks above Superior had some nice waterfalls

Red-tailed Hawk

Mineral Mountain

Box Canyon

There were five of these Harris' Hawks, the other three were on another cactus.  Harris' Hawks hunt together in packs, unlike most other hawks.

Scrawny cow but nice coloring

Cactus Man

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  1. Well that was certainly a beautiful "check in"! All of your pictures are breathtaking but the one with the birds on the Saguaro was my favorite. Thank you for checking in.