Monday, April 22, 2019


Hi, it has been nearly three weeks since I made a post.  Once again I have some computer issues.  I damaged the laptop cord during the winter and it has been finicky to charge the computer ever since.  The cord has to be turned just right in order for the power to go through.  I just got it charged for the first time in well over a week of trying.  I have a new cord waiting for me in Nanaimo.  I will pick it up this coming Friday.
We are taking the car and going to Vancouver Island this Thursday in order to attend a funeral on Saturday.  Our good friend Bill, husband of Aileen's cousin, whose driveway we have parked in many times over the past ten years passed recently so we want to go and say goodbye.
The weather hasn't been too conducive to photography lately so I haven't done much and what I have done hasn't been edited because of my computer issues.  I have spent quite a bit of time indoors reading.  We are working our way through our yearly appointments in Salmon Arm and won't be finished for another week and a half.
Richard and Georgia are coming up next week to spend a few days with us then after that we will be taking the motor home over to the Island for the rest of the summer.  At least that is the current plan.

Taken at the Salmon Arm waterfront.  We think it is  Northern Goshawk

Hand held super closeup.  With me weaving and the image stabilizer jerking around, I almost missed the head.  I thought what I got was kind of neat though!  No adjustments made, right out of the camera.


  1. Our Condolences for the loss of your good friend Bill.
    Hoping the Computer issues will be resolved with the new cord.
    Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures to come.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your visit with Richard and Georgia.

    It's about time.

  2. Sorry about the loss of your friends. Love the bird pictures, Good luck with the new charging cord for your computer.