Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Aileen and I took friends Norm and Cheri and Bud and Jackie out last Friday and again today.  We all have Polaris RZRs that are about the same size so we fit through the same small spaces.   We had a great ride both times and today we managed to spot a good sized Desert Bighorn ram.   Our ATV club potluck was on Monday and it was good to meet lots of friends we hadn’t seen since last March.
We are still getting things cleaned and organized in the park model and both lots.  We have friends staying in the park model in February and March and they may even come a few days in January.  We are planning to head over toward the Quartzsite area in mid-December again until sometime in January.

The weather is getting to be a little bit cooler so the ladies on the team are pleased.  It is still staying warm enough for me so that’s good too.  I had cleaned out our friends Ken and Marie’s carport the other day then hosed it all down.  Then I happened to see them pull in that evening after dark so Aileen and I helped them unload and get their utility trailer parked in the storage lot.  They had driven all the way from Grand Junction, CO in twelve hours!   They were so pleased they insisted on taking us for lunch so on Sunday, we drove up to Mesa for a really nice lunch at PF Chang’s.  

At the old stage station above Box Canyon.  Bud and Jackie from AB on the left, Norm and Cheri from Washington State and Aileen and I on the right.

On the Little Spine looking across to the the Thumb on the far left

And then we got much closer to the Thumb

We had a good view of a Harris' Hawk

This would be a nasty washout to fall into just below Box Canyon.  It must have really rained for a little while! 

This Saguaro was blooming for three days that I saw.  It was finished though when we drove by today.  This was taken this past Monday.

Our lunch spot today in what I call Fox Hollow as a fox walked right by the fire last winter while a group of us were having lunch.  Norm and Cheri hiding on the left, Aileen in the center and Bud and Jackie on the right.

And, today's prize.  These are super long telephoto shots as he was on the top of the ridge.