Saturday, October 3, 2009


Along the road to Gateway

Gateway area scenery

A local resident

Modern Gateway

At 7,000 feet looking back to north of Gateway

Scrub Oak at 9,000 feet

Turkey Vulture disturbed from dining on dead coyote

Buck and doe Mule Deer

Three point Mule Deer buck

We went to Gateway yesterday and more great scenery awaited us. We again packed our lunches and found a picnic table alongside a little creek to sit at and eat in the sun. The rocks seemed to have more colour than the monument did the other day and were much different in design and shape. Gateway is an old village being rejuvenated by John Hendricks, founder of Discovery Communications (the parent of Discovery Channel). Everything he builds is done with the southwest architecture style and looks very nice. He seems to be putting lots of money into the project. It seems some of the longer term residents aren’t impressed with his methods so the community is somewhat divided.

To take a different route home, we took a side road which took us from 4,400 feet up over 9,000 feet elevation. During the day we saw a turkey vulture, several coyotes, a flock of wild turkeys (12-15) and over a dozen deer. I was glad I had purchased a Colorado atlas the other day as we consulted it extensively to find our route. Ken had been through years ago from the other direction but things didn’t look the same today.

This morning we went to Caliente friends, Doug and Corrine’s, for brunch and visiting. Late afternoon and evening I showed pictures to Ken and Marie, mostly of our recent travels.