Sunday, October 11, 2009


This rock is right above our camp. Can you see the climber half way up?

Well here's two of them

This is the second group that made it to the top

Lots of Poison Ivy in this area

Rock texture

Tree and rock up Negro Bill Canyon

My first view of the natural bridge - not much to look at

See the human fly - rappelling down

It was this lady's second day ever rappelling

Morning Glory Natural Bridge is fairly large - that's me at the bottom

Along the trail on the return

Some of the rock along the way

After doing our in town stuff I had intended on a quiet afternoon sitting in the sun while Aileen napped but then I had the bright idea of hiking up Negro Bill Canyon to Morning Glory Natural Bridge. Well, that was the longest two miles I’ve ever hiked, I think. Not bad returning but going in had lots of up and down, many creek crossings and some sloping and shelving rock. I made it worse going in by having my camera on the tripod so I didn’t have use of both hands. I put the camera and tripod in the pack on the return. When I first saw the bridge, I thought, I came all the way here for this? Fortunately, I decided to go all the way and good thing. First off when I got there, is a guy rappelling down from above the bridge. Then down comes a lady on her second ever rappel so I took a bunch of shots which I’ll send her. I was amazed how big the bridge was when I got underneath it. The other highlight was two groups of climbers who scaled the tower right above our campsite this afternoon. They went right up the shear face of the high cliff by following a crack, it looked like. It was scary watching from way down here!