Friday, November 7, 2008

We're in California

Mt Shasta, northern California
Thursday Nov 6th was a long day for us as we were on the road by 8 AM until about 4 PM. We did about 500 kms (300 miles). When I checked the webcams for the Siskiyou Pass this morning they showed snow on the side but bare pavement. We had temperatures as high as 14C all the way to Medford which made it very pleasant whenever we stopped and got out. It was 7C in the pass but only 4C just over the other side but the snow was still there and it was for a long ways down each side. Aileen is pleased we have, in theory, passed the snow zone. Further down the road Mt. Shasta presented an awesome view. I pulled over to the side of I-5 several times. I assured Aileen it was emergency parking – I had to take a shot!
We stopped for the night near Lakehead at Lakeshore Villa RV Park. Haven’t seen any sign of a lake yet but we are way too close to I-5 for my liking. We’ve spent the evening poring over the map and online (on the campground’s WiFi) looking for better ideas for tomorrow.
Friday Nov 7th. Finally getting some nice weather, it got to 21C this afternoon. Pure sunshine too! The sky against the ponderosa pines was so blue this morning – just beautiful! We pounded down I-5 all day putting on another 270 miles. I know, that’s only a part day for some of you but it’s a big day for my team. We spent an hour at an exit in Sacramento talking to Telus tech #5, again without the results we desired. This guy however said we weren’t going to get connected anyway because they don’t have any service throughout most of the US. I tried contacting the girl who sold me the system but she’s off til Monday – grrrr! The tech told me that Phoenix, Yuma and Tuscon were the only areas in Arizona where I’d get service. Not sure where that is going to lead to for our keeping up on things.
We are in the Stockton-Lodi RV Park tonight. Hopefully we’re not “Stuck in Lodi Again” as the song goes. We do plan to carry on tomorrow morning. With luck (and fortitude on the team’s part) we might even get beyond I-5 and head into the desert country where we hope, it’ll be more peaceful camping and slower travel. We found this park five miles from I-5 so we could have a quieter night. Guess what? Shortly after we were all set up, the first of many trains went roaring and blasting (his horn) past. I didn’t see any sign of train tracks when we came in so that was a nasty surprise. I think next time we come the western route we’ll try to be earlier and take the Klamath Falls – Reno route which is mentioned as a very lonely road. That’s sounds pretty good right now. Our plan for next year, if we get to go south, involves going to Yellowstone in September for the PSA photo conference then via Salt Lake to the Canyon country while the weather is still decent. The year after might be from the East so it could be awhile before doing the I-5 thing again except for north bound in Spring each time. I think we’ll be likely to do the Coast route north of San Francisco when we head back to the Island in March.