Monday, November 6, 2017


Things have settled down here for the time being.  Our friends and neighbours continue to stream in from points north so the park is getting busier.  Aileen and I cleaned Ken and Marie's carport the other day so it will be ready for when they get here. 
I was asked if I would bring my RZR on a ride on Saturday.  One of our friends daughter and family were down from Ontario and we ended up with five machines which meant there was a seat for everyone.  The photos down to the rain on the RZR hood are from Saturday's ride  The rest are from today.  I led the first "club" ride, I guess, today but there were just four machines out.  Three of us were ride leaders!   There will be more riders showing up every ride day now.
The temperatures are continuing to get to the upper 20s C which is in the 80s F.  Some of us are more happy with that than others.  There is a slight cooling trend in the forecast so we'll see what happens.  It has been cooling down at night so fairly good for sleeping.

This Staghorn Cholla was really out of season with its nice blossom.  It was the only one we saw in two days riding.

We did see a couple or more of these Ocotillo blossoms

We were fortunate to see these Javelinas on a seldom used trail.  They stayed around long enough to give us time for some photos.

The view along what we call the Top of the World trail

While we were taking a break, a rain shower came by and visited us.  What you see on the hood is the full extent of it.

Saw a pair of these Harris's Hawks along the trail today

After our cloudy start this morning, the light improved this afternoon

We managed to spot this one lone Desert Bighorn Sheep high above Box Canyon today.  Unfortunately, the sun was directly behind him and I could pull any detail out of him.  He didn't stay long enough for me to adjust my exposures.  This was taken at 1200 mm then further cropped in the computer.

These photos of South Butte were taken a couple miles apart 

This Roadrunner ran across the road in front of me then perched on the railway tracks and waited for his portrait to be taken.