Friday, February 11, 2011


Mid 50's Chev three ton or so

Late 40's or early 50's Ford both shot in Hardman, Oregon on our trip down last Fall

My main lens, a Canon 24-105 seems to have a problem. I keep getting an error message every time I try to shoot lower than level and sometimes all the time. It was very frustrating and at first I thought it was my camera causing the problem. I decided to try my other lenses and had no issues at all. I will send it off to Canon Canada when we get back to BC but in the mean time I have ordered a 28-135 Canon to fill in and it arrived today. I shoot 90 plus percent of my images with the 24-105 so it is really important to have a spare in that range. All my shots at the Greek Monastery, on my last post, were shot with my 20mm fixed lens.

I have been buying grapefruit from the truck that comes into the park every Monday and they are awesome. The price is okay too at 20 cents each for large ones. They are so juicy and sweet. We went to friends, Ken and Marie’s, for supper Tuesday night and had a great evening. Aileen made a really tasty pecan pie for desert. We played SkipBo which we haven’t played for several years. Aileen won the first two games and Ken the last one. We used to play often with our Salmon Arm neighbours, Bill and Del and we always had a ball but that was back in our other life.

We took Bev to Sky HarborAirport in Phoenix Wednesday at noon for her to head back home. We were sad to see her go and I think she would have liked to stay longer. We really enjoyed her visit and all the help she was too. She did lots of cleaning and little projects we were ignoring. She was a blessing to me with my new computer since she is a lot more tech savvy than I am.

I took the motor home over to Coolidge yesterday for an oil and lube job. I didn’t have to wait too long and surprised Aileen by getting home much earlier than she thought. I went for a ride on my bike yesterday afternoon, my first since before getting ill in December. It’s becoming quite challenging getting our laundry done now with the park getting so full. There are about 20 washing machines spread throughout the park and sometimes it takes a long while before you can get one. Our next door neighbour, Carol, is the smart one. She goes when everyone else is either in bed or glued to the TV. That’s swimming pool time in this house so doesn’t work. Aileen was thinking she may have to set the alarm for 5 am to get into the laundry without competition. I have been to the hot tub a couple times and that sure has felt good.

We’re going to have to sit down pretty soon and start planning our itinerary for our trip north departure time is fast approaching. We figure to go up I5 from southern California but have to decide on how we get to there from here. We try to take different routes when possible but in some cases at this time of year those options are pretty limited as we don’t want any winter driving experiences.

Aileen was up early this morning to take Mitzy over to the vet in Coolidge to have her teeth cleaned. We picked her up about 3 pm and she was glad to see us. We picked up more groceries while we were over in Coolidge. The weather is great again. We were at 22C (about 70F) when we got home at 4 pm and overnight temperatures are rising as well. Overnights are supposed to stay above or close to 40F for the next while.